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For Artists: Creating Your Own Success in A4AC's 

Therapeutic Arts Program

We are very proud of our Therapeutic Arts program. It sends the healing power of visual and performing arts and freedom of expression to those who wouldn’t be able to access them otherwise, including the elderly and at-risk youth.

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This program is intended for advanced student performing artists, and professional performing artists. 

With just a bit of entrepreneurial skill, you can create your own success partnering with us.  Here's how:

The Artist:

Are you eligible? Attend the annual A4AC live audition, or send a link to a video of a live performance 

  • Research the locations of Nursing Homes or Assisted Living Facilities near you. We can provide a list of some venues where we have a relationship already.
  • Contact the Activities Director and schedule dates with them at your convenience. Inform him/her that A4AC will work with them on any budget (including $0).
  • Share the contact info of the Activities Director with us.
  • Gather Information from the Activities Director: Some may have a piano for your use, others may need you to play/sing a cappella. Some may have a CD player where you can play a track, or a Bluetooth speaker, AV system etc. Please tailor this to your talents and obtain necessary information.  For example, it may be a small room with no need for amplification.
  • During the show, thank Artists for a Cause, the hosting facility, and Activities Director for making the performance possible.
  • Please also try to have someone take photos and obtain a quote that we can use to share your successes in our e-news, social networking, and press releases.
  • Let your friends know about your work.  If anyone wishes to make a tax-deductible donation to A4AC to support your work, we will restrict those funds to support you.

Artists for a Cause:

  • We will pay you a minimum of $75 for a 40 minute performance, sometimes more if the venue has a larger budget. We bill them and pay you directly, which is partially why we need both the Activities Director’s contact info and yours.
  • We will coordinate the budget with the Activities Director.
  • We will report your success to our network through email, social networking, and press releases.
  • We will report to the IRS.
  • We will advise you about the appropriate repertoire, provide consulting and support.
  • We will thank donors in writing, for tax purposes.
  • At this time, A4AC doesn’t take any fee or percentage for performances given at the minimum rate, although if their budget allows and it's substantial we would take a max of 20% so that we may attempt to cover costs.

One way to maximize potential and minimize administrative work for you is to set up a regular gig, once or twice a month on the same day and time. Then you can just perform and get paid, which is of course what you love to do!
We hope this outline can help you to find support and become more involved in Creatively Building Better Communities!

Artists for a Cause is a national nonprofit organization that helps visual and performing artists to use their talents for community improvement, stimulating culture, while addressing the critical needs of communities. Some programs help artists and charities to get the most out of their collaboration, while most produce results directly, by feeding the poor, healing the sick, or solving other problems through unique artistic solutions. Additionally, we never ask artist professionals in a struggling industry to donate or give away their livelihood. No program is merely about art for arts’ sake – Artists for a Cause is about the arts as a solution.

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